Welcome to Rheglo – where beauty meets community, and every lash tells a story.

Founded by Rhea, a passionate Makeup Artist, Rheglo is dedicated to bringing you a range of easy-to-apply, high-quality, and affordable wispy faux mink lashes. As a fellow MUA, Rhea understands the importance of diversifying looks and breaking away from the market standard. This brand is especially crafted for Make Up Artists seeking versatile lash options.

Mingle and Makeup

At Rheglo, we believe in fostering a caring and respectful community within the beauty industry. In pursuit of this vision, we host Mingle & Makeup events, bringing together like-minded individuals from the beauty world. These events provide a unique opportunity to network, connect beyond social media accounts, and share experiences. We understand the power of community in fostering growth and collaboration, and Rheglo is dedicated to nurturing a supportive environment for all beauty enthusiasts.

🤝 Building Connections: Networking can be tough, especially when you're a MUA, Beauty Blogger, Content Creator etc. This will be a space where we can connect, share, and grow together. 

💡 A resource hub where you can learn, seek advice, and be inspired, no matter where you are in your makeup journey.

​👭 It's about uniting beauty enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds. Whether you're into TV, Film, Asian bridal, or any other facet of makeup.

​🌈 Start of a community where you can feel welcomed, valued, and understood. Where you can be your authentic, fabulous self.


    Every lash style in our collection is not just a product; it's a tribute to Rhe's loved ones. Each lash represents individuality, catering to all eye shapes and style preferences. At Rheglo, we believe in fostering a sense of community, making every customer feel like a part of our extended beauty family.


    Inspired by my upbringing in an all-girls school, where diversity was a constant, Rheglo is a reflection of the rich tapestry of backgrounds and perspectives. Our brand celebrates inclusivity and aims to represent every individual, ensuring that our lashes complement and enhance the unique beauty of all.


    Step into any room with a sense of empowerment, worthiness, and strength. Rheglo is more than just lashes; it's a symbol of confidence and self-love. We encourage everyone to be kind to themselves, embrace their unique qualities, and walk through life with the assurance that they are capable and beautiful just as they are.